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About The Program

Change One Life, Charity Program is the project of Change One Life — Ukraine, Charity Fund. There are many children living in state institutions of Ukraine, which the state granted orphans and children deprived of parental care, and arranged for institutions where they spend their childhood.

One of the tools for helping such children was the idea to take video footage about these children and & nbsp; distribute them until & nbsp; will see their future parents. After the placement of orphans in the family, parents must have a sufficient level of knowledge of the education of orphans and the opportunity to receive psychological and legal advice. For this purpose regular online & nbsp; webinars are conducted by experienced trainers and psychologists. All this activity formed the basis of Change One Life, Charity Program.

If every person changes at least one life, the world will become better!
Appeal of head of fund:

Family's story of head of fund

Appeal of the Fund's ideologist

We live day by day, and do not even think that too many children do not have their own family, they do not have dad and mom. The task for us, adults, to take responsibility for them. I believe that by solving the problem of lack of awareness of the society about the problem of orphanhood and the presence of such children, the cost of adopting and arranging in the family of orphans will go to thousands. Only by combining our efforts will we be able to overcome orphanhood in society!